Diploma in Accounting

This programme provides students with broad base knowledge in financial accounting & reporting, management accounting, finance, economics, management, taxation, auditing, law and information technology & systems. It provides a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills necessary for a career in accountancy and finance at the semi-professional level as well as for graduates of this Diploma to further their education and training to be qualified professional accountants.

The Diploma in Accounting has been accredited by professional bodies such as ACCA and CIMA.


Graduates of Diploma in Accounting can find gainful employment in the following areas:

Financial Accounting I
Quantitative Studies
Financial Accounting II
IT Fundamentals and Applications
Introduction to Business
Taxation I
Principles of Finance
Taxation II
Cost and Management Accounting I
Fundamentals of Marketing
Financial Accounting III
Cost and Management Accounting II
Financial Management
Business Law
Computerized Accounting Systems
Digital Literacy for Accounting
Financial Accounting IV
Corporate Law & Governance
Principles of Auditing