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Mingalabar! Welcome to Joseph Education University – JEU.

Joseph Education University РJEU, is the first private flagship of a Catholic University in Yangon, Myanmar. This university was passionately founded by a Myanmar Catholic layman, Joseph Kung Za Hmung @ Win Hlaing Oo on 12 January 2015 in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). JEU was formally known as Joseph Education Institute РJEI. Since then, he has been incubating this institute to a profound and renowned private but non-profit University in coming 15 years in Myanmar.  After (5) years of academic achievements, Cardinal Charles Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, canonically approved this institutional Statutes and purposes as a private association of Christian faithful on 11 February 2020. With the meeting decision of School Administrative Committee on 29 May, 2020, we hereby change our Institutional name from Joseph Education Institute to Joseph Education University to expand our academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate level to our humanity, validated from on 1 June, 2020. This university is a national community of scholars and is made up of different colleges which are academic communities where students usually have their tutorials.

Study Programs

We believe that any academic program without any participatory evaluation with students and teachers are insipid.

Study Life

Joseph Education University (JEU) had laid down its alumni-based School Maintenance Committee for sustainability of the institute. Whereas the current academic program is a correspondent system, JEU arranges annual gathering of its alumni and on such occasion, our staffs and students make evaluation of our academic programs on students’ need and life and their communities, and our school revise our courses too.

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About Joseph Education

We provide business consultancy services for start-up businesses and other private/public business companies who are in need of sustainable development of their businesses which bring positive impacts on their customers and create profits on businessmen in Myanmar too. Therefore, anyone or any company, who is in need of business consultancy services, can communicate us by email: josepheducationuniversity@gmail.com

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Our Evaluation

We believe that any academic program without any participatory evaluation with students and teachers are insipid. Our president hereby always conduct different ways of academic evaluation with students, teachers and parents on students’ needs, their cost effectiveness and efficiency and institutional sustainability. In fact, our evaluation on our educational services is the best service that we give our students for their brighter future and life-carrier.

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