Yangon, December 3, 2018


JEI graciously made a diploma graduation ceremony of Batch (2) students at Sule-Shangrila Hotel (a five star hotel) in Yangon on 17 November 2018. Whereas there were 70 students to be graduated, only 45 students attended their grand graduation ceremony.


This correspondent learning system is firstly initiated by our institute founder, Joseph Kung Za Hmung @ Win Hlaing Oo. His passionate vision is that education is within our family for everyone building a learning human families and society in Myanmar. He has started this system in 2015.


This diploma course is designed for Catholic theological studies. It is comprised of (9) subjects taking (17) months. Each subject takes (2) months. Students need not come to our school. They actually stay in their homes as usual but our education service reaches to their homes from which they do a correspondent learning system.


We send our books, question papers and answer sheets to our students by postal services with which they return their answer papers to us too. More than 150 students were already graduated from our school. @by Joseph Kung Za Hmung