Joseph Education University (JEU), which is the first Catholic private University in Myanmar is finally given the certificate of Incorporation on 27 August 2021 by Directorate of Investment and Company Registration under the Union Ministry of Investment in the Republic Union of Myanmar to provide higher education services to our humanity in Myanmar and around the world.


Actually the university had applied this incorporation license since 2020 but the application was pended due to the partially same name of Saint Joseph University College which is actually a sister organization of JEU.


Before getting this license, the university was being run under the Municipal License of Yangon City Development Council since 2015 of its inception.


The university was founded by Joseph Win Hlaing Oo @ Kung Za Hmung, who is a Catholic layman, in 2015, with the capital of US$ 1000 by hiring an apartment in Yangon. He started his university academic program by offering its certificate program on Canon Law in 2015. After receiving request of expanding more undergraduate programs by former students, it has begun diploma program on Catholic Theological Studies with correspondent learning system (using postal services) in Myanmar.

At the beginning in 2015, the university provided Diploma Degree Program on Catholic theological studies of (18) months course for Catholic laypeople and for other religions by correspondent learning system. JEU is the only and first institute which has ever never offered a diploma and bachelor degree on Catholic Theological Studies to Laypeople in Myanmar by a layman (Joseph Win Hlaing Oo) under distant education system.


While the name JEU has been becoming more and more reputable within the context of theological education established in Yangon, most of the success in finding students comes from word-of-mouth and advertisement from monthly journal recommendations of the old students. During the last (5) years, the graduated students numbered (582) students. Out of them, (2%) of our graduated students were Protestants and Buddhists.