Joseph Education University provided children’s summer education program to children between the age of 6 to 15 years old who are at the vicinity of our campus. This program took two months from April to May 2022. The background of this program was that due to the corona virus pandemic, known as Covid-19, occurred since in December 2019, the whole world has been in choas in businesses, educations, health-systems, politics and in religions perishing more than about 6.2 millions of people.

Such bad impact was also seen in Myanmar too. As our children postponed attending schools for their education for 2 years, many children who are in the age of school, got married or wavering. Therefore JEU created an environment where flickering children can learn life skills and recap their primary education.



We were glad to see the supports of their parents, sending their children to our campus program. We recruited (52) numbers of students under our summer program. Their graduation was done on 23 May 2022 in our campus.

Our Syllables for them are

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Arts appreciation
  3. Moral Foundation
  4. Team building
  5. Basic English
  6. Music