Master of Arts in Theology

Earn The 51-credit hour campus or online master’s degree in theology program explores from Joseph Education University (JEU), Yangon, Myanmar!

JEU’s Master of Arts (M.A.) program in Theology combines the academic rigor of a world-class university with lively concern for informed and effective pastoral ministry in the twenty-first century Church. The program is flexible enough to fit the needs of those interested in pursuing research degrees, professional ministry, high school teaching, or parish service.

As a master’s student in Theology at JEU, you examine the richness of the Catholic faith and its theological heritage in the light of modern human experience. Our program provides an environment of academic excellence flexible enough to meet the needs of those interested in pursuing research degrees, professional ministry, or parish service. We encourage high academic achievement and heightened sensitivity to the needs for social justice and peace in the world around us. The MA in Theology program explores;

Three Pillars

The course of study leads to the Master of Arts degree in Theology; it is available on our campus or online. The program consists of three pillars:

1. Sacred Scripture

Students learn to express the narrative of salvation history, explain the biblical foundations of Catholic doctrine, interpret the texts in light of tradition, and substantiate the reliability of Sacred Scripture.

2. Sacred Doctrine

Each of our students develops a foundational knowledge of the Catholic Church’s dogmatic, sacramental, moral, and spiritual teaching as exemplified by the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

3. History and Mission

Students come to grasp the main themes of Church history, particularly in the West, with special emphasis on evangelization and on the saints and martyrs as teachers and models.

Admissions Requirements

Requirements for acceptance into the Applied Catholic Theology program are:

Applications will be reviewed, and ultimately accepted or denied, by a faculty admissions committee appointed by the Program Director.

Scholarships and financial aid support are available.

We know securing the appropriate funds for your education is vital to your experience at Joseph Education University. Our Student Financial Services Office is here to help you understand the types of aid that are available to you.

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JEU Master of Arts in Catholic Theology Program